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Farsight Labs is an outreach programme from Farsight Security, Inc. to the world's digital defenders including individual contributors from academic, law enforcement, non-profit, for-profit, or private backgrounds. There is no fee for participation, no contract to sign, and no service level guarantee. We want to make the world safer, which we do through our robust commercial services, our Passive DNS network, our Open Source software, and with Farsight Labs.

The apps and services available in Farsight Labs will change over time. Generally these will be technologies that do not fit our usual commercial model, or are early-adopter pre-releases of future Farsight Security products and services. Uptime is not guaranteed, and quality may not be as assured as is our norm.

To sign up, visit https://labs.fsi.io/welcome. You can reach the Farsight Labs team by e-mail at labs@farsightsecurity.com. See also the Farsight Labs LinkedIN Group.


Expander helps digital defenders by automating the generation of regular expressions either through a web interface, the command line, or DNSDB Scout. Regular expressions are a popular and mature way to describe an approximate search term, and Expander can be told which of several keyword variation systems to apply in order to cover the confusing similarities of interest to an investigator or defender. Notably, the regular expressions generated by Expander will also work fine in older tools such as UNIX egrep or Splunk, and not just in DNSDB 2.0 with Flexible Search.
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